Baymard's Common Mobile UX Pitfalls, Part 1

One of my favorite resources for ecommerce user experience research is Baymard Institute. A couple of months ago, Baymard Institute released a report on 18 mobile user experience pitfalls on ecommerce stores.

This week on the podcast we're going through the report to discuss the first 8 pitfalls and how to avoid them. Next week we'll cover the rest.

Let's dig in!





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Baymard Institute Article


Shopify Predictive Search API


Kelly 0:00
One of my favorite resources for e commerce user experience research is baymard institute a couple of months ago baymard Institute released a report on 18 mobile user experience pitfalls on e commerce stores. This week on the podcast, we're going through the report to discuss the first eight pitfalls and how to avoid them. Next week we'll cover the rest. Let's dig in.

Rhian 0:24
Welcome to Commerce Tea, a podcast to help you succeed on Shopify. I'm Ryan.

Kelly 0:29
And I'm Kelly. Grab a mug and join us as we talk about all things commerce.

Rhian 0:40
Hey, Kelly, let's say I can't write code but I want to create workflows that carry out repetitive tasks automatically. So that way I can focus on my business and create great customer experiences. What what I use,

Kelly 0:54
I recommend Mesa a no code workflow builder for any action your customer takes. You can use meses built in features to extend your connected apps, set up email notifications receive forms, scheduled tasks delay workflows in much more. Developers like me also love Mesa because we can lift the hood on any automation to customize for total control.

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Okay, I'm in how do I start go

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to get Mesa calm. That's GE t And their team of automation experts will support you on your journey. 24 seven, every aspect of your website is a variable that could be impacting your business's revenue. We all want to grow our business and we may change in the hopes of seeing our business grow. Maybe you add a new graphic here new social proof on your product page there, maybe change your pricing. But do you know if this new thing is helping or hurting you? Today, testing is a requirement understanding what is and isn't working for your business. You don't need to be a rocket scientist test. In fact, I set up my first test in less than 10 minutes on a client store using neat A B testing. After the test was live. We saw a confidence level on each of our tests to know which is actually best for the business, how they sort of see additional revenue per view for each variants. Give her friends that need a be testing twice a day and start testing for your business. Head over to try need AB comm slash commerce dash t to start your 14 day free trial. Again, that's TRY dot n slash commerce dash T. Good morning, Kelly. Good morning Rann. How are you today?

Rhian 2:29
I am doing very well. How are you?

Kelly 2:32
I'm wonderful. I just went to Savannah, Georgia for the first time in over 10 years. And I explored and it was fun.

Rhian 2:42
I can't wait to hear more. Was there a brewery that you liked?

Kelly 2:47
There was a distillery that I like oh a distillery are getting families. If there's whiskey I'm there. If any whiskey like any distilleries want to sponsor Commerce Tea. Just this is this is what I have to say today, Kelly. Okay, so

Rhian 3:08
Shopify sent both Kelly and I these buttons

Kelly 3:14
is Ching sound. Yeah. When I click on the button, it says serotonin boost.

Rhian 3:22
It does. And I think it does give me a serotonin boost. So it does work. Thank you Shopify. And I love it. It's

Kelly 3:29
metal, staying on my desk, and I just keep on interrupting meetings by just going.

Rhian 3:35
So do I like well, Why else do I have a button? Exactly? How to use the button, you know, be great is if you're like in a heated meeting. This is not professional at all. If you're in a heated meeting, and you need to take the temperature down. And you're like everybody, everybody, everybody. What is that for? like to put everybody in a good mood?

Kelly 3:56
Please enjoy this seratonin Please enjoy enrage people further. So okay. Well, what are we talking about? Today, we're talking about common ecommerce pitfalls, specifically when it comes to the mobile user experience. And this all comes from a website company call. It's not a website, company webco company, but the website is called baymard Institute. And their whole thing is, it's a think tank. Theory serve user experience like across all kinds of e commerce websites. And they put together these amazing articles, all kinds of recommendations based on what they're seeing. And they have a premium. I don't know how much it is. And remember, they have a premium membership to get access to a lot of really great things and I highly recommend subscribing if you are a merchant or a partner and you want to learn more about this stuff. They are not paying me to say this, I have just been a subscriber to pay more for a long time. And I really, really like it

Rhian 5:05
like knowledge is power. And I mean that. Truly, if you said,

Kelly 5:10
I will say, there have been scenarios where a client is like, I'm not going to call up any of the clients who are doing this, but who are like, I want to do lists on the website. Yes, allegedly, I wants to take, I want to, I want you to build this on the website. And I'm like, that's not a good idea. It defies all rules of user experience. They're like, Well, can you prove it? And I'm like, actually, I can. And then I pull up, pull up a link from Kmart and send it to them be like, see, it is not a good idea.

Rhian 5:44
Yeah, it's, it's just nice to have that in your pocket. It not only from a developer perspective, just I mean, everybody in the ecosystem could value or could find value in the bait market Institute. And now we're done promoting the baymard Institute, and we're going to be talking about it for the next 3040 minutes. Yeah, just never stop learning, right like that. That's a huge part about being an entrepreneur is if the second you stop learning someone eats ahead of you. If I stopped reading about SEO, then guess what the person next to me is going to know more than I do. And that's not how I want this game to be played. I want it as much as I can. And we we should all strive for that. So first off, why don't we talk for me?

Kelly 6:26
Yes. Before we go into like the first one, I did want to comment on how this is structured. So this week's episode, we're talking about the homepage, and we are talking about search. And this is search on your website, not like Google search. Yes. Next week, we're going to talk about forms. And we're going to talk about site wide issues that we often see or that Kmart often seas. So wanted to preface that that we are talking about the homepage and we are talking mostly actually about search fish, I think is such an area of opportunity for most brands that nobody's really giving it that much thought

Rhian 7:02
they are not. for a lot of reasons, which I think we'll get into momentarily.

Kelly 7:08
Yes. So let's go on the first one, I feel like you're going to have some opinions about this one.

Rhian 7:15
We're talking about the homepage. Okay, so homepage, you want to read the stat and then we can talk about it?

Kelly 7:23
Yes. 95% of mobile sites place ads in primary areas,

Rhian 7:30
which I don't like at all, which I think we all know very well, because this is what it is that this is will be is a bit a from a Google search perspective, not optimal. Google does not like this, we've talked about this happy to link to it in the show notes. Be it's just really jarring to your consumers. And actually, what baymard found out was, you should keep your screen real estate for advertising, including internal ads to a minimum. So they Martin and I are high fiving on this because I agree with that. And it's just something to keep in mind that there's just so many misconceptions, I think, regarding pop ups and how and when to use them, that we get stuck in this. Why need to get more emails and you know, as email potentially phase is changing as per what we just learned. By ww through WWDC, last week,

Kelly 8:30
things are going to DC Did I say What did I say? You left off the important part being developers. Never mind them. You just made it a worldwide conference.

Rhian 8:42
Worldwide conference. By the way, if you don't know we're talking about this apple two conference, Apple conference. So there was some announcements there regarding emails. And so a lot of folks are feeling really stressed about email place that we're going to have somebody on in about a month or so talking about emails, but this is a very, very long way to say just because you have a pop up and it captures emails does not mean the pop up is good does not mean the emails are good and does not mean that you have developed a fantastic user experience. And you should look at the churn on that page, because I'm betting The turn is high.

Kelly 9:14
Yeah, exactly. So to talk a little bit more about what this means, like, what exactly what ads are we talking about, especially when it comes to like internal ads. Think about when you're running, let's say a Black Friday sale, and you decide to replace the hero image on your website to promote the sale. That is an ad. That is not Yes, you're trying to you know incentivize people to shop by saying hey, we're having a sale. But quite often these ads are taking up so much space on your screen. And as a result, your customers are having to scroll down further on mobile to even start seeing some of your collections or products.

Rhian 9:54
Yes. And customers are very impatient. Exactly. I know because I am one but also Good. I know because the data sets. It's not just a me thing.

Kelly 10:04
Exactly, exactly. Alright, why don't move to number two? Okay, number two, also on the home page 57% of mobile sites fail to provide the full scope in the link text of suggested paths. That was a lot of words. Yeah. Can

Rhian 10:19
you define that for the not developers in the audience, including my including myself?

Kelly 10:24
Yes. Okay. So let's say I am looking at new arrivals on a website. You're selling both men's clothing and women's clothing. And I'm scrolling down and I see a button I see a link that just says new arrivals. And I click on it and find out Well, I've just been taken to men's new arrivals, because at some point, you showed a heading that segments that I missed mm hmm, that link should have said men's new arrivals. Yes, it should, or women's new arrivals. So one extra word is not going to take up that much space, I promise. Just just provide the full scope of that link text in the suggested path.

Rhian 11:04
It also, again, helps with SEO, that's just how I'm going to attend every statement. It's just all. All right, next up, and this has to do with on page or on store search for on site search. So that means you when you go onto a site, and up in the corner, there's a little Spyglass, you click on it, you search. That's what we're talking about. Okay. 69% of mobile sites don't offer relevant autocomplete suggestions for closely misspelled search terms and queries. I'm actually shocked if not higher than that. I thought it's real bad.

Kelly 11:49
So think about typing on your phone, autocomplete on your phone, or autocorrect on your phone is an amazing thing. But it's not always accurate. And sometimes you're just typing really fast. And let's say I want to look up some patio furniture. And I instead of writing pa t i o excellent, right? Like pa t o was put to furniture. And I just don't get any patio furniture results. Because apparently you put too is not a type of furniture. A good autocorrect situation here would be like, Oh, you definitely did not mean put to let's change this to patio and show you patio furniture. Most sites are not doing this. Yes, most sites are not doing this. And there are. So Shopify has a predictive search that you can build into your theme. If it's not already in there. They have a predictive Search API. If you're working with a developer who can help you build this out, which is really cool. Or you can use any of the Shopify apps that are in the App Store. I think algolia is one of the smartest ones out there that can help really power your search. And also, the tools like a goalie are really cool as well, because you can literally promote specific products that you're trying to push over others even saying even if they'd not relevant, obviously, you want to keep it to be relevant. But you can still prioritize some products over others based on the search query.

Rhian 13:28
Yes. And it's smart to do so it is Oh,

Kelly 13:31
and in the shownotes. I'll provide a link to algolia. And also, if you're a developer, or you're like developers like me,

Rhian 13:41
or if you love a developer,

Kelly 13:42
if you love a developer, tell them thank you and to all of you appreciate all their hard work, but generally because of whatever I will post I'll include a link to Shopify documentation for this in the show notes as well. Adrian, what can I do to help my support team be more efficient?

Rhian 13:59
I recommend gorgeous, gorgeous combines all your communications channels, including email, SMS, social media, live, chat and phone into one platform that gives you an organized view of all help requests. This saves your support team hours per day and makes managing customer orders a breeze. Sounds great.

Kelly 14:19
What else can it do? with gorgeous, you

Rhian 14:21
can pre write and save responses to your most frequently asked questions. You even have access to the customer's order information. So you can personalize responses with things like an order or tracking number. This then frees up your time so your support team can focus on complex questions.

Kelly 14:38
This sounds like a great way to also increase sales and brand loyalty. Where can I learn more to request

Rhian 14:42
a demo visit Commerce forward slash gorgeous, that's Commerce Tea calm slash GORG II s. Alright, so another thing is that 79% of mobile sites don't include the search Scope in the autocomplete suggestions. Kelly, I have some questions. One, what is your scope?

Kelly 15:08
So think of your it's like a category? Well, we'll say it's like the category that you're looking to purchase from. Let's say you are looking for pots. What kind of pots? Are you looking for a gardening pot, or you're looking for some new pots and pans for your kitchen. So the idea of including the search scope in the autocomplete suggestions would be if I type in pots, I might see gardening or outdoor, and then a little indicator, and then pots regarding pots, or I might see kitchen pots and pans. So including these suggestions will help your customers get closer to what they're looking for, instead of seeing all of the pots on the website that you happen to be selling. Like I'm curious, like if I were to search for on Home Depot, because Home Depot is large and sells a lot of stuff. I typed in the word pots, I guess they're going to be more pots for outside. Maybe that wasn't the best example.

Rhian 16:09
I have. I have a question here. So yeah, you'd mentioned the Search API earlier. And you mentioned some themes. So I want to back up and then move forward just a smidge. What themes Do you know of that already include that is question one.

Kelly 16:25
Oh, that's a good question. Thank you. I honestly not sure. I want to say the themes from out of the sandbox have them like turbo and flex have predictive Search API built into it. Um, I think archetype themes might as well. Those were just in the Shopify theme store. There could be I'm sure there are others that haven't? I'm not I'm not entirely sure what the answer is to that.

Rhian 16:54
So when you use this search functionality, whether it's through an app through a theme, or if you develop it out, how important is it to use tags on your products, in terms of how that plays into search?

Kelly 17:11
So this was a this is actually a really common misconception about tags on products. People tend to think that those tags that tags section on the product editor is for tags for finding a product on Google.

Rhian 17:26
Yes, I know. Everyone's like, but I tagged

Kelly 17:30
it on like, Google does not care, those tags that you're adding. That's what on site searches for. Also, you know, other things like categorization or labeling, if you want to use custom tags. Before this predictive Search API had been released, where it helps out with these suggestions, I used to have clients tagged their products with common misspellings, because that was an easy way to get around the issue that we just talked about what number last three number ago? Yeah, yeah, exactly. So yes, add product tags. These are really great options for those descriptors. So you're able to show the correct product based on the query that's being entered?

Rhian 18:13
Can you add tags into collections?

Kelly 18:16
No. Okay. Tags are a product thing.

Rhian 18:19
So when Shopify conducts a search, if you're using the smart API, it will pull it will pull up collections and products and tax correct. Does it use all three?

Kelly 18:33
It uses suggestions for products, collections, pages and articles.

Rhian 18:38
Okay. Without it, what does it pull up? It's a one to one matchup, right?

Kelly 18:43
It pulls up. Yeah, it's more of a one to one match. It's still it pulls up all those four things unless you specify like products only. But the predictive Search API is it's smarter, basically.

Rhian 18:56
Yeah. Awesome. This has been a challenge for a long time, in terms of online shopping is the search functionality. And oftentimes that I mean, big brands, I'll go and search on and I'm like, Oh, this is not great. And I still get, I find the thing that I'm looking for that I'm 99% sure that you have, like at Home Depot or somewhere else.

Kelly 19:18
So this is really interesting. I'm looking at the API docs to maintain a streamlined consistent experience, reduce search interface content and resource data to the minimum amount necessary to make the selection meaningful. Use an API you can control which elements are exposed or hidden. Okay, okay, this is number one. Got it. Okay, this is just what shows up actually on the search results. I thought it was because it's listed image product title and price and like I need more than that if I'm going to be searching like by tags. So it's just which actually shows up when you conduct a search and this is what shows up in the results. Okay, glad we covered that. I was concerned for a hot minute, or a hot minute. is a very quick hop in it.

Rhian 20:00
Okay, so what else should we be looking for?

Kelly 20:03
So we kind of touched on this for something that I'll go you can do, I'm going to go on to the next tip, because I issue rather because I think this is something that we should be looking for when we're building our search. And that is that 40% of mobile sites don't visually distinguish autocomplete product suggestions from query suggestions. So this goes back to using some kind of smart filtering app. So for example, Sephora, I don't know if this site is still like this, I assume, because it's just been a couple months since this, this article came out. If you were to type in like moisturizer, for example, it does not start to tell like if you type in like mo y S, T, you are starting to type in moisturizers. In this, I'm reading dystrophy from the article. So it says a user at Sephora saw a facial moisturizer and began to type mo is t u r, but was presented only with a single keyword query suggestion, followed by several similar style product suggestions that would lead to the product detail pages, she opted out of using autocomplete and submitted her query as is using the keyboard Submit button. Basically, it was useless. Yeah, that's not optimal. Yeah. And when product suggestions are visually distinct from the query suggestions, so like, this is what is based on your query, this is what you're seeing. And then here are the products we're recommending, the experience can be pretty jarring, because most people are expecting to explore products from the search. But instead, they just end up on a product page. Like it takes you right to a page, which is not helpful.

Rhian 21:52
Can we just unpack that? The this finding, just so to make sure that we're all speaking the same language here, so visually distinguish what does that mean? And then what is the query?

Kelly 22:07
a query is something you type into a search field. That is that is what you're, what you're searching for is your query. Visually distinguish is literally how these the recommendations or suggestions are presented after typing in that query. So being able to say, I know for sure this is the query suggestion, based on what I've typed in, this is what's being recommended. And then this is a product. So you know, when you click on that product link, you're being taken to a product page, because that is what is the expected behavior.

Rhian 22:42
Excellent, excellent. Sometimes I feel like with a think tank, articles and pieces, and white papers that I read about SEO, they get it gets so nice in terms of verbiage used that sometimes we have to zoom out for a minute and say, Okay, how would a regular person who isn't super nerdy, like us view this? Because you're really, really in the weeds. Okay. So if regarding this 40% of mobile sites, not visually distinguished thing autocomplete. How do we solve for it? You mentioned that app.

Kelly 23:25
Yeah. And that is literally my recommendation for fixing actually, the last three that we mentioned, is to use some kind of Smart Search and filtering app. Okay, there are lots of them at the App Store. Play with them, see what you like. And you will find one that is within your price point and also functions how you want it.

Rhian 23:44
Fantastic. Okay, so the next tip, or common pitfall is that 42% of mobile sites, don't persist user search queries on the results page. Yes. So keyword time, what does persist users search queries?

Kelly 24:09
All right, so let's say you are on a website, you're on a store you're searching for, let's say earrings. And so you type in the word earrings. And then it takes you to the search results page, and it's showing you all the queries for earrings, then you realize, like, I actually want to look at like, hoop earrings. Let's throw out some examples. But the search field where you had type earrings is now empty. And so you have to re type the word earrings in there, you can't just add the word hoop. So persisting the search query means that you go from typing the search to landing on that page. And when you land on that search results page, the query is still showing in that box. Amazon always does this. That is one thing you will definitely notice when searching on Amazon, that query stays in there.

Rhian 25:01
I will say, there's a lot of things I can say about Amazon that are not positive. There's a lot of things though I can say about Amazon that are positive. And they have really figured out search.

Kelly 25:14
They have spent so much money on researching how to set up their their user experience of the website. And so Amazon's honestly, a really great example of how a website should function.

Rhian 25:27
Yeah, I would prefer it if it was prettier, but at the same time, look, it works. And you don't need to reinvent the wheel. If it works, and it converts. Exactly.

Kelly 25:37
It works. And it converts,

Rhian 25:38
oh, that could be a tagline for a conversion rate company that's not ours. Okay. So Kelly, in this instance, when 42% of mobile sites don't persist, use your search queries. How do you fix this? You ask your developer? Where do I find a developer?

Kelly 25:58
You can find a developer at expert stuff Shopify comm

Rhian 26:05
At tapra.

Kelly 26:08
don't hire us. We don't do these small fixes, like adding in the search query. So I was not going to recommend us.

Rhian 26:16
Yeah, I'm actually the more and more I get asked about small fixes, the more I'm struggling to find people to refer folks to, to be honest. And it's as as folks grow in the ecosystem and become more accomplished, the sizes of their projects get larger and larger, in which case, then they kind of price out of that said marketplace. So I love storetasker as an option. And yeah,

Kelly 26:45
it storetasker is really great for something like this. Yes. Perfect. It's

Rhian 26:49
perfect for something like this. And you don't have to get into like some super long contract or there's, you know, what was it like with an agency you have to do all this stuff is for Tasker operates a little bit different. Yeah,

Kelly 26:59
those stupid super long contract contracts from those agencies with your statements of work.

Rhian 27:11
Okay, so what's up next?

Kelly 27:14
So the next one, we have the penultimate now, it's not just for this episode. I'm just gonna say it's number seven is

Rhian 27:22
episodic, penultimate.

Kelly 27:25
This epic, episodic, penultimate pitfall, there we go. Deep. Bansi. Yeah, this one was probably one of my favorites. 60% of mobile sites don't suggest alternate queries and paths. Basically, like, you type in something, and it does not give you what you're looking for. And it just like, let's say there are no results. Yeah.

Rhian 27:55
moisturizer. And but you don't have moisturizer, you should serve cleanser or something. If we're, if we're using this skincare thing throughout, why are we not serving other skincare products? If you fail? Or if the search if the query fails at

Kelly 28:12
moisturizer? Exactly. So a really great option, as you mentioned, like a related like some kind of similar search query that you might you might search for our, um, I also see people on their zero search results page also include their bestsellers, like, well, we couldn't help you here. But we think you might like some of these things.

Rhian 28:36
Not bad, not bad dream, both.

Kelly 28:40
Dream both, you can do it with a developer.

Rhian 28:42
Is there any other way to do it? Not with the developer?

Kelly 28:45
I don't think I don't think so either. I don't think maybe one of the search apps What?

Rhian 28:51
So secondary question, what, how many are getting so many emails? How many hours would something like this take to build

Kelly 29:02
a custom search results page? Or are we like doing like the full predictive Search API Are we just, I need to understand the scope of work in order to provide an estimate.

Rhian 29:12
So the scope of work was the predictive Search API, and includes all of these things. So we have no pitfalls, we only have successes.

Kelly 29:22
To play it safe, I would estimate between six and 10 hours to integrate the search the predictive Search API, anytime you're working with an API you want to give plenty of time, could very well be longer than that if you want a little bit more of a custom integration, but I'd say like a baseline integration, get it working, get autocomplete, working, and then figure out how you want to set up a search results page. Six to 10, six to 12 hours before switching up the custom search, you know, other search queries. That could take another six to eight hours. That piece there is a little bit more complicated, but just suggesting other products. So you can easily do that in like two hours.

Rhian 30:02
Okay, so this is definitely something to put your money and time behind. But just be wary that this is a bit of a can be a bit of a pricey endeavor. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't do it. It's one of those things that you should absolutely do. Because think of all of the folks that are bouncing out of, of your search page, right, and how many missed opportunities and missiles there are?

Kelly 30:28
I mean, I always think it's worth investing in good development work. I am running a development agency. I am a developer. I am not one though. And

Rhian 30:37
I still think

Kelly 30:40
yeah, I mean, I'm not saying this to make money from it, though, obviously, I would like to pay the bills. But thankfully, I am able to pay our bills and pay my team and everything. So I'm saying this as somebody who's been building Shopify stores since 2014. Pay for a good developer, you get your money's worth out of your development team.

Rhian 31:00
Yeah, it's like a tattoo, you know, it paid for what you get.

Kelly 31:06
And then you pay more if you no longer like that tattoo, or change that.

Rhian 31:11
tattoo is exactly the thing that we should just be comparing things to now

Kelly 31:15
is, is I love it.

Rhian 31:16
Yeah, it's very true. So we should pay for. Okay, so what is the last common pitfall that we should be avoid?

Kelly 31:25
Yes. So the last one and coordinate like in this search topic is 40% of mobile sites, and don't auto direct or guide users to matching category scopes?

Rhian 31:37
This fact stresses me out. Why? Because I don't, cuz it should. But I understand it's not that easy, right? Because a lot of search functionality out of the box just isn't great. So let's just, let's ID, what's it called? define two different words real quick, auto derived? Will you define auto direct, please?

Kelly 32:04
auto direct means that you are automatically taken to what you're looking for. So if I type in, let's say, LED TVs, it will automatically take me to the collection called LED TVs?

Rhian 32:20
Fantastic. And what is a matching category? scope? Or what is the or I guess, what is the category scope?

Kelly 32:26
A category scope is basically what I like is a collection of collection or sub collection if you're using sub collections. Okay, women's, like women's wallets versus men's wallets or something like that. So yes, everything when it comes to search requires a developer. That's your bad news. The good news is there are so many opportunities that you can use to improve the search functionality on your site.

Rhian 32:48
Yeah, and like I said earlier, it's it's totally worth doing this. Because without doing this, you're you're just impacting your bottom line. So yeah, it's some capital spent upfront, but it's important to think what is the ROI on this capital spend? And so that's just a way to frame your thinking, when it comes to this specific challenge, because I know it can be hard as an entrepreneur, you're like, Oh, great. I just have to spend more money. excellent news. This is fun, y'all. Thank you. But it's at the same time. It's really, it's just important to think about and to

Kelly 33:27
know it is it's an investment. That's what it is. You're you're investing in ads, invest in your website. Yeah. What's the point in running ads for your website? If your website is not performing at its best do not even get me started about that very spicy topic that I love to talk. That should be a fun episode. It should be its own episode. You're correct. But

Rhian 33:50
seriously, don't spend money on ads that aren't going to convert to waste of money.

Kelly 33:53
How about we do some store shout outs

Rhian 33:55
store shout outs of the week. Kelly, what is your store shout out.

Kelly 34:00
So I am shouting out a company called Flo vitamins. It's a really fun topic of conversation. They sell a PMS gummy vitamin. It's tasty. And I don't actually know if it's doing anything but I like to eat them every day. Really? Exactly, exactly. But basically I had received a not great shipment of it. It's something had happened shipping and it just did not go well. And I reached out to them. They responded to me same day and they were like we will ship you out our new one. And I was like I'm about to leave for a road trip. When will this arrive and they're like well, probably won't arrive until afterwards. So we will adjust your ship date to arrive. The week that you get back so you haven't when you as soon as you get back and we're not going to charge you for it. So it worked out beautifully and Their packaging is so super cute. And I'm just a big fan of them. good customer service.

Rhian 35:06
I love great customer service, they really went out of their way for you. And I think that that's always so important.

Kelly 35:11

Rhian 35:13
Are you? So mine is the cola, which I might be pronouncing incorrectly. chocolates here, our friend Nick show of your Korean dad fame had a special chocolate box. And I ordered it. And I'm showing Kelly right now but you can see his trademark little the heart that the

Kelly 35:37

Rhian 35:38
yeah weighs. So not only is this product absolutely fantastic. It's some of the best chocolate I've ever had in my life. I made a mistake. This goes to great customer service, I made a mistake in my checkout process. And I accidentally made it so there would have to be a signature and I was like, Oh no, that's not gonna happen. And then I also was like, oh, and it's hot out and they have a special auction for caught because it's chocolate and chocolate is melty. So I just emailed them real quick. And right in response to the confirmation email. I said, Oh my word. I'm so sorry. I made a mistake. I know there's a price difference. Please go ahead and Bill me to invoice me like the three or $4 difference. I paid for it. And then I got my box A day later. I love that. And I put it on my desk, which is a terrible place to put chocolate. Because now I'm like kind of just obsessed with them. And I want to just keep ordering them. But I don't think that's sustainable for my health. But I'll let you know they even have a peanut butter and jelly. It's strawberry pacta fwy with peanut butter and milk chocolate. It was so tasty. I would like to this. It's I recommend. I truly do. And it's great to just have on your desk.

Kelly 36:48
Is it though?

Rhian 36:49
Is it what Yeah, until it's gone. Which I have both caramel and chocolate on my desk right now cuz I got gifted caramel as well. And I haven't eaten them all, which I think is a testament to my self control.

Kelly 37:03
I'm proud of you.

Rhian 37:04
Thank you and I love sweets.

Kelly 37:07
Like too much. By the way, Reagan's birthday is coming up pretty soon here. If you want to send her some sweets.

Rhian 37:14
That is true. I do love candy as a child on like ice cream. I'm staying at a new place in between Long Beach in my home right now. off and on. And you can get Jenny's ice cream delivered. So I had my first ever Jenny's ice cream this past week. And I ordered four kinds because I wanted to taste test them which I think is totally reasonable as well. One thing that Kelly didn't warn me about ahead of time was once you open it's like a Pringle. You know, like why don't you pop you can't see it often

Kelly 37:47
can't stop.

Rhian 37:48
Yeah, it's really that kind of a challenge with Jenny's ice cream. So, which kudos to their team for producing such a great product. Okay, okay. Well, I think we're done for the week.

Kelly 37:58
I think we're done. I think that wraps it up. So thank you for tuning in. And thanks again to our sponsors for supporting this episode. We have a YouTube channel you can visit slash Commerce Tea. If you like our podcast, please leave us a review. Reviews make us very happy. And we like to read them. Please server Commerce Tea. Yes, you can subscribe to Commerce Tea on your favorite podcasting service. We post new episodes every Wednesday. So grab your mug and join us then we'll see you next week. Bye.

Rhian 38:33
Locked in is a time clock for Shopify. With clocked in your team members can easily clock in and out of their shifts from anywhere. You can manage your team's hours as they work remotely with an intuitive interface that can be used from desktop, tablet or mobile. Check it out at clocked or in the Shopify App Store.

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