BFCM Predictions

It's officially September, so we're talking Black Friday/Cyber Monday again! This week we're joined by Ian Leslie, Senior Director of Retail Advocacy at Bolt. We're breaking down our predictions for BFCM this year as the landscape continues to evolve.

Let's dig in!




Ian Leslie is Bolt’s brand ambassador embodying Bolt’s culture, mission and values with a focus on retail advocacy and merchant success. With more than a decade of experience in building and leading integrated marketing campaigns across owned, earned and paid channels he is obsessed with merchant success and helping partners fulfill their sales and ecommerce goals.



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show notes.

  • [02:34] Who is Ian Leslie
  • [06:07] Technical writing
  • [07:50] When will BFCM start this year?
  • [08:44] Supply chain issues
  • [16:58] Hottest takes
  • [24:16] What to expect in-store during BFCM
  • [29:30] Optimization for BFCM
  • Store shoutout: Mack Weldon, Ridge Wallet, Hyperice
  • Store shoutout: Days United
  • Store shoutout: Drunk Elephant



Kelly 0:00
It's officially September. So we're talking Black Friday, Cyber Monday again. This week we're joined by Ian Leslie, Senior Director of retail advocacy at bolt. We're breaking down our predictions for Black Friday, Cyber Monday this year as the landscape continues to evolve. Let's dig in.

Rhian 0:19
Welcome to Commerce Tea, a podcast to help you succeed on Shopify. I'm Ryan.

Kelly 0:24
And I'm Kelly. Grab a mug and join us as we talk about all things commerce.

Rhian 0:36
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Kelly 1:37
every aspect of your website is a variable that could be impacting your business's revenue. We all want to grow our business and we make changes the hopes of seeing our business grow. Maybe you add a new graphic here new social proof on your product page there, maybe change your pricing. But do you know if this new thing is helping or hurting you? Today, testing is a requirement understanding what is and isn't working for your business. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to test. In fact, I set up my first test in less than 10 minutes on a client store using neat A B testing. After the test was live. We saw a confidence level on each of our tests to know which is actually best for the business, how they sort of see additional revenue per view for each variants. Give her friends that need a B testing a try today and start testing for your business. Head over to try dot neat slash commerce dash t to start your 14 day free trial. Again, that's try dot n slash commerce dash t

Rhian 2:34
Hello Ian. Good morning. How are you doing today? I'm doing well. How are you? I'm doing fan tastic. So I know who you are. But for our audience, who are you? And what do you do?

Unknown Speaker 2:48
So my name is Ian Wesley. I am a Senior Director of retail advocacy, as you said for bolt bolt is a one click Checkout solution across e commerce and just recently joined them think I'm at like my two month mark now. But prior to that I was on the merchant side with industry West, which was a furniture company based out of Florida. But I'm primarily ecommerce with a showroom in Soho. And yeah, so that's and then what did I do with them? Oh, cmo? Yeah.

Kelly 3:25
Tell you what I do. What did I do? I did stuff. Like

Unknown Speaker 3:30
I was cmo, whatever I was cmo. So that was for SMB. You know, we just talked about the section a couple days ago, me and someone like someone in cmo D for SMB is like really everything right. So I was overall kind of pager and own channels. And then was also like for a while there de facto eecom director and then kind of ran events ran our studio or showroom space in New York kind of went through me and yeah, and then prior to that I was kind of my backgrounds journalism, got out journalism gotten to leach into magian in higher ed, which took me through to retail marketing and now I'm on the cess FinTech side.

Kelly 4:11
What an adventure, I was gonna ask how you got into into retail in particular and all you know, obviously everyone's careers evolve and nobody, like goes to school being like, I'm gonna work in e commerce. I mean, maybe now by now

Rhian 4:23
maybe now is a great idea. When we were younger. No,

Unknown Speaker 4:28
I think like, I mean, I think you guys are in the twitterverse like me like I think a lot of what you hear is like a lot of us jack of all I say jack of all but you mean you guys are like Uber developers also. So you're way more jack of all than I am.

Rhian 4:42
Kelly you can make a line break though, you know, like I can really make a difference in your HTML. You mean like, like, like a positive line break or like you're gonna break the line of code to do both

Unknown Speaker 5:02
Yeah, but anyway, I think a common a common thread for a lot of us is, is writing as a background. And for me, I was a journalist at a college. I don't know why, but I was really, really intrigued with journalism in college. And that was my first job out of school was the journalist. And I think just kind of being inquisitive, thinking conceptually, or a lot of lessons that I was taught in those roles, and then just kind of take it from there and got into social media marketing at a time when it was just kind of wild, wild west, and everyone was learning and, and I did like, check them on marketing for an economic development group, and then kind of take that to higher ed and kept just kind of learning and growing as I went.

Rhian 5:46
That's awesome. I have to tell you, one of my cousin's got a degree in astrophysics. And now as a journalist, I feel like they may have overpaid for that. Very smart. He's very smart. But I remember I didn't know that he had a background in astrophysics. Why, excuse

Kelly 6:05

Unknown Speaker 6:07
I think it's like, you have He's like, amazing. I mean, I guess maybe not. Right. Like, if you're gonna write about that vertical, like, you got to be pretty darn smart about the vertical. And, I mean, like, I look at, like, the technical writers here at bolt, I'm like, dang, you know, like, they're pretty, they can be amazing depths like, so. Yeah, you got to have that background.

Kelly 6:26
technical writing is a skill in and of itself. Or I don't have it. I am a great developer. I don't do technical writing. I can do non technical writing all day. Like my newsletters. Amazing. I love my newsletter, I write it. But um, yeah, I don't write. I don't do technical writing at all.

Rhian 6:47
I like technical writing, cuz I okay, so I remember when my co founder adventhealth. And I first started working, and he would like write docs and documentation or some stuff, you know, and I'd be like, and I also did some work for some pretty some other like unicorny type brands. And I would be like, what exactly, because it would be like a sentence that doesn't really make sense in English, right? And you'd be like, Okay, what are you trying to tell me here? And then the devs would be like, I'm saying this, I'm like, cool. From now on, I just want bullet points. I do not want that. And I want you to just explain what the thing does. Because that because otherwise it was like, it's things I would call myself a developer translator, basically. And I did that for like, you know, while we were bootstrapping, then, in the very beginning, I consulted on the side to help us bootstrap. And that was one of my gigs was technical writing. And it's kind of fun. No, not for you. Okay, no, no, I understand.

Kelly 7:45
I'm so glad you like it.

Rhian 7:47
I thought I liked it, too.

Kelly 7:50
Okay, so Black Friday, Cyber Monday, is quickly approaching once again, like it does every single year. We're like, whispering to our I'm responding to my clients in June, like, Hey, you talking about Black Friday, Cyber Monday yet? July bfcm. And then nothing, nothing. Nothing come like October. They're like, hey, so did you know that Black Friday, Cyber Monday is next month? I'm like, Yes. For three months now. Yeah. Oh, this, you know, last year was obviously a huge wildcard because of the pandemic. And it turns out that nothing's changed this year, not at all. Except we I feel like we can be a little bit better prepared for what's to come using last year as an example of the ship show that can be created for things like logistics.

Unknown Speaker 8:44
I mean, I think I think that's, I think you're right, I think we can be prepared. I think it's interesting, too. It'll be interesting to see like when by Friday, Cyber Monday sales start, there's something I'm trying to look into and track a little bit is, for a couple of reasons is one on the logistics side, the supply chain side, and like what product is going to be available for by Friday, Cyber Monday. I mean, it's we're still really in just the droves of container shipping issues. backlogs at the ports, heightened container costs,

Kelly 9:23
like horror stories about container stories.

Unknown Speaker 9:27
I mean, they're they're 100% true. I mean, without getting into too much detail. I mean, we saw them when I was on the furniture side and the merchant side. And I mean, there's, if you look on Twitter, I mean, there's plenty people out there, whether it's Chris at cross net, or any other covenant vendors out there that are just pretty transparent about just how they're getting raked over the coals on on the container costs. So when you're having to deal with one word project you're gonna have and then to when you need to actually be able to ship the product and 3d elements are going to take to ship the product if you're actually going to get it there for the holidays. And I think and then we're approaching that in. I mean, I think this fall is going to be as we fall into winter in terms of COVID. It's looking like it's gonna be as bad as last year. And so you

Rhian 10:17
know, the thing is, is I know you're right. No, you're right. It's just saying it out loud. Everybody, I was able to receive my third shot because I'm immunocompromised as we've talked about on the show before. And so I'm very excited that I got my third shot. My body's been busy. It's been a busy, busy hard, is has been busy making antibodies to protect against this incoming and current surge. So

Unknown Speaker 10:45
yeah, yeah, that's great. Yeah, I'm glad you got that. I know. My parents are debating you. Yeah, it's it's tricky. But I mean, I think yeah, I mean, it's tricky. I mean, it's just all it's all the world is tricky right now. I think how do you? Yeah, I mean, how do you decide when you can turn it on when you get to turn sales on without looking desperate when you get turned sales on? Without? You know, I don't know. And then there's a whole question of, well, supply is so diminished, and demand is going to be so high that you even need to run sales to the extent that you have happened in the past.

Kelly 11:26
The sense of urgency and yeah, it's already naturally created, unfortunately,

Unknown Speaker 11:30
exactly. So I mean, I don't know. And then you throw in all the additional, like, how prospecting has been made more difficult things to iOS updates, and, and email open kind of conversations. And it's just, well, yes, that's our prospecting. But still, just security and privacy and cookie apocalypse is on its way, though, not for this Black Friday. notions on fire the cookies apocalypses there's so many pop ups. But yeah, I mean, I think at the end of the day, I mean, it's critical to be prepared. And I mean, I think those preparations can be small, right? Like, they can be micro, like, I don't know, like spend your prospecting dollars in September, because it's going to be cheaper than spending them in November. build up your to do little things to clean up your email list, clean up, do little things to clean up your your flows, your email flows. Yeah, like grayed out the health of your email lists? Just things like that. I mean, I think there are small things you can do. And obviously you're not going to, you know, then there's obviously like the table stakes stuff, right? Like, make sure you're up sizing your your servers and all that hosting, but leave that to the devs really thinks of that.

Kelly 12:52
Yeah, I think a few areas that I think should be the biggest focus this year for bfcm, that we've talked about. strategizing, of course, on the marketing side building relationships with your customers, obviously, since we're talking to zero party data now. And I'm going to include a link to the show notes in octane AI, as most recent, they do an annual report, and they just released it. And it's really great. And my face is in it. So it's worth reading when

Rhian 13:19
you define zero

Kelly 13:20
party data real quick for our listeners. So we're familiar with the term of third party data, which basically means data that's owned by somebody that's not you think of like Facebook owning data, or Google owning your data, you're technically like renting that data from them, they own it, you do not the idea of zero party data is that it stays within your your house. You're like you're collecting this information on your customers, let's say like through a quiz and getting to know them and including extra attributes about them, like clay, vo customer properties, for example. And you can use that for segmentation and for personalization, and for getting them to know the marketing messages and the products that they're actually going to be most interested in without relying on these third party tools, such as Facebook and Google, since tracking is being blocked in iOS, and cookies are being blocked and Facebook and no, that's it's a lot excetera I also wanted to mention that it's a really great opportunity this year to look into digital delivery of goods, such as gift cards, because if you're going to run into shipping issues for products, you can always offer gift cards as an option to give as a gift this year.

Unknown Speaker 14:33
Yeah, that's a great idea. And that's something I'm sure most shops need to start working on. Oh, yes. Now, no, no, not a week out and they're like, Hey, I think we should have gift cards to the website.

Kelly 14:45
might be a good idea. I was actually reading up on it yesterday a few days ago. There's also a lot of money and gift cards as well for merchants. Americans have this is a from Bank Rate Americans have 50 tene billion dollars and unused gift cards.

Unknown Speaker 15:03
Well, that was like the whole. I mean, there was a lot. Maybe this bout a year ago now, how much sat like at any given time on Starbucks app? So yeah, I mean, it was basically zero interest alone. Exactly. millions upon millions upon hundreds of millions of dollars.

Kelly 15:18
Yeah. And it's interesting. They saw the percentage of gift cards used in increase in 2020. Because suddenly, people were at home or like, Oh, yeah, I have these gift cards. I shall use them online. Yeah,

Rhian 15:30
we have so many gift cards for my daughter's vomits for from two years ago. I'm very glad they don't. I'm glad they don't expire. During COVID. Or during a few months ago, we we were cleaning out out some drawers and a stack of gift cards. And she's like, What are these? I'm like, well, they're yours. And she's like, I don't even know what this place is. So we still have a stack of gift cards is the moral of the story still unspent? So we're power users at the Starbucks

Unknown Speaker 16:05
30 year? Well, yeah, I mean, I think I do think to your point, though, I mean, the zero party data and sort of one of the reasons I moved into this role with bolt is just like, I think just how important that's going to be in the future in terms of, you know, one click Checkout solutions, where you're, you're no more no more anonymous users, no more anonymous checkouts, and you're able to really identify who your users are. And, and with a lot of single sign on options across different websites, you're, you know, able to understand, like, who what the persona is, and, and be able to target them a bit better, you know, both in terms of your ads, but also, you know, on site. So that's, that's critical. And again, I don't know how much of this can be undertaken in the next 75 some odd days. But yeah, it's, yeah, I think the whole zero party data pieces is critical.

Kelly 16:58
So I'm curious. What is your spiciest take for Black Friday, Cyber Monday this year?

Rhian 17:05
My spy is take for bag friend, I'll read it in peppers. What's the most like type of pepper or number of pepper? Number Number of peppers? Because I don't know what the spicy peppers would be. So that would be no idea. No, I have no idea. Number of covers. So out of five like five is spicy. Yeah, there are no real rules here.

Kelly 17:27
Don't wear that. Those are our rules now.

Unknown Speaker 17:32
thurgoona can we measure in matzah balls? Yeah. I don't know. I mean, I think it's gonna be not that different. I think it's gonna be more like, I think it's gonna grow. But it's not gonna be anything where it's like, like, we're gonna see exponential growth. Again, Nebraska revenue started for Monday, and it's not gonna be like, crazy game changing, and it's not gonna in terms of some, I don't think anything's gonna happen that we don't expect. Like, I think it's gonna be people are gonna freaking shop. And they're going to shop a lot. And then we're going to get a lot of narrative of like, e commerce is important. e commerce is important. I think we're also going to get a lot of like, stories of like, all this digital stuff that like is a lot of sausage being made aspects that isn't really, you know, common knowledge. Yeah, like, I don't know, I think NF T's are like really cool. And I get it. And I think it's like a trend for sure. But I think like we're sort of beat over the head with our like, this Black Friday, Cyber Monday, like and if T's are going to be like, you know, it's gonna be like the new Cabbage Patch tall. And it's not, it's not it's just not like so.

Kelly 18:42
Don't understand NF T's so it's never going to be

Rhian 18:44
the match in buying your kid and you've got kids, I've got a kid, I've got a 15 year old. Could you imagine being like, Hey, babe, I bought you this NFT and my daughter would be like, What? Why I don't want this thing. But

Unknown Speaker 19:02
Jenny like I've actually gotten a little bit more involved in like fractional buying fractional shares or collectibles like trading cards and stuff. I'm like, rally or, or collectible. Suddenly, I get it. But like, I do think like we become hostage to and I say we I mean like the Twitter marketing space becomes a little bit hostage to our own narrative. And so like, I think at the end of the day is like, there's gonna be a lot of people in Middle America who just want deals. And they're gonna like and and, and they're not going to understand like, they're not going unless the messaging is excellent pre Black Friday, Cyber Monday, like if products don't make it there for the morning of the 25th. Like, there's people they're not going to understand the why behind it.

Rhian 19:51
Or well, like Yeah, exactly. They don't care.

Unknown Speaker 19:53
So maybe here's the heartache is that like maybe this Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the customer service teams are going to be More important than they've ever been. And particularly in terms of order tracking, and maybe like and maybe that like also like how websites are able to adapt to self serve order tracking. And post post mean more important than ever is post purchase experience goes a really long winded way to get to a take.

Kelly 20:27
We work towards it,

Rhian 20:28
I give it like a 2.5 spice, pepper reading. Because I agree. I agree. I you know, the NFT part I would give more like for spice, but for for spice. I agree, though, regarding order tracking, which is why I have an app about that.

Kelly 20:48
Based on Spice Girls, like oh my god. Baby spice. Customer Service was like Posh Spice. Definitely Scary Spice.

Rhian 21:02
I love this. I'm all about taking out sports analogies and in putting pop culture to business into the business die like our business dialogue. Because I'm yeah, it was a date me. Yes. No, but the 90s are in it's fine. Yeah.

Kelly 21:25
Oh, we're back. Yeah, we're

Rhian 21:26
back to back. Yeah, we're fine with a 90 is again, it's okay. Everyone knows who the Spice Girls are. I think. Right. Right. Thanks. I hope Yeah. David Beckham. True.

Unknown Speaker 21:46
Yes. Yeah. My most Yeah, like so my sight like my boys are big. Yeah. I mean, this is totally tangent, but like my big soccer players and fans in my house. And of course, like my kids know who Beckham is but like, no idea who his wife is

Kelly 22:00
so heartbreaking.

Rhian 22:02
We're like, no, this is critical information. Everybody.

Kelly 22:07
kids sit down and listen to the story.

Rhian 22:10
Grandma once upon a time, there were some spices

Kelly 22:13
tells him your Yes, exactly. Hey, man, what can I do to help my support team be more efficient?

Rhian 22:19
I recommend gorgeous, gorgeous combines all your communications channels, including email, SMS, social media, live, chat and phone into one platform and gives you an organized view of all help requests. This takes your support team hours per day, it makes managing customer orders a breeze.

Kelly 22:39
Sounds great. What else can I do

Rhian 22:41
with gorgeous, you can pre write and save responses to your most frequently asked questions. You even have access to the customer's order information. So you can personalize the responses with things like an order or tracking number. This will allow your support team to focus on complex questions. brands like lollipop, deathwish, coffee and Steve Madden have reduced their response times and increased efficiencies.

Kelly 23:05
This sounds like a great way to also increase sales and brand loyalty. Where can I learn more?

Rhian 23:09
Check out gorgeous by visiting Commerce forward slash gorgeous and try gorgeous for free for two months. Again, that's Commerce forward slash GORGI. A S.

Kelly 23:24
So I am really interested in seeing how retail stores adapt to Black Friday, Cyber Monday this year. For a number of reasons. It's going to vary regionally. I think we're going to definitely see, we saw a huge uptick in online sales last year for obvious reasons. I think that we're going to see in store retail pick up again this year, we won't see such a drastic shift to online the 10 years and 1020 years and 10 weeks, whatever the hell wait weeks, 10 years in two weeks. That's not going to happen again this year. I don't I think because people are Yes, the Delta variant is a thing. And but but the stores are open. And that's the big difference. So I'm definitely interested in seeing how they handle things like,

Rhian 24:16
like doorbuster Oh, I can't doorbusters you know that like the coals? doorbuster? Are we going to see that again? I would assume so.

Kelly 24:27
I think so.

Unknown Speaker 24:28
That's a great question. And I mean, I think it's balancing. I don't know, I've just looked on Twitter is that like, you see a lot of conversation about like how malls are just so not viable anymore and not needed. And we have all this small space and it makes sense, especially with COVID in the rise of e commerce but then you remember that we're Americans. We just don't do anything. Traditionally it were just like, throw caution to the wind and are like Screw it. I want my balls and I want my doorbusters even though like I mean it's crazy. And so I mean, I, I think you're right. Like, I think you're right, like I think I think we're gonna see more retail than we did last Black Friday. But I mean, is it gonna be from what we saw five years ago? Like, unlike now? Yeah, I mean, it'll be interesting. I mean, I think and I also think it depends upon the metro like, you know, what the what the geo is, I mean, in New York City, I mean, you have lines, like if you go to stadium grades in New York City, like there's lines out the door before COVID. So, I mean, I think if there's, that's an okay, expectation that like 20 people per, you know, are allowed in the store at a time. And that's that other places that won't be accepted.

Kelly 25:45
You just say, I love that shopping experience of not shoving everyone possible into a store and keeping it to a limited number of people. That's how it was when I was in Chicago around Memorial Day this year. And I did not mind standing outside instead of being huddled in the store waiting for service.

Unknown Speaker 26:04
Sure. Yeah. Well, that's how I mean glossier was when they had their Soho location was just two blocks down the room from our location it in so and yeah, I mean, I was shocked how willing people were to stand in line, but they were and it was a super cool experience in there. I mean, so I mean, I think, but there has to do, I think there has to be value add for that experience, right? And for willing to wait. So I think maybe there's a little bit more people are being a little bit more deliberate and how they're treating their retail experiences. And that's forced, this is forced that like if, yes, people are throwing a little bit more caution in the wind with COVID this year than they were last year, but not so much so that you that you don't have to provide value out in the brick and mortar experience to get them off of ecommerce, I think ecommerce is still going to be Unless, you know, then they get to December 20. And their gifts aren't arriving and they have to go to a store to get something Yeah.

Rhian 27:02
Or they just like forget, or Yeah, they forgot.

Kelly 27:06
I was just thinking about, you know, making the experience important if you're going to be standing in line and what's going to incentivize people to wait to get in. And it's all about, you know, building that hype and building the brand. Not not awareness, like you're you're building this relationship with a brand you may have never shopped up before, but you want to be a part of it. It's that FOMO thing as well. And it made me think about back in I think it was early 2020. In I think Scotland, people were in line for hours through a drive thru to get KFC. Because they really wanted KFC apparently it was maybe like the first KFC there that it opened in the area. It's they just want to be a part of it. And KFC.

Unknown Speaker 27:51
Surprise me Yeah, yeah, no, it doesn't surprise me. I think it helps some merchants too. I mean, I think like, you know, when when I was at industry was during COVID, we reopened the showroom. And we did by appointment appointment only. And people were mean took us up on that, you know, and I think understanding one, it just, they someone who's wanted to make an appointment, let you know why they're coming in, just makes them so much more valuable of a prospect. And just obviously a much more engaged buyer. And then it helps you as a customer or as the merchant, you know, on the data side to understand what people are looking for what you know, there may be interested in purchasing. So I mean, I think there's there's interesting ways to create some sort of FOMO also gain data on what your customers are looking for three good experiences. Yeah, it'll be interesting. But yeah, but then but then, you know, yeah, I think I don't know, I think it's up to the corporations to be responsible or not. I think if Walmart wants to say $10 vacuums that 12:01am people show up, oh, people will show up. It's just a matter, right? It's just like, what it's up to, it's up to Walmart to decide if it wants to do that or not.

Kelly 29:03
Yeah, and we'll definitely see plenty of plenty of retailers just doing the traditional bfcm this year, just because that's who they are. Yeah, yeah. That is

Rhian 29:14
Yes, absolutely. So I have a question for you. This is a hard pivot slash soft pivot.

Kelly 29:20
I don't it's a pivot pivot.

Rhian 29:23
What is store owners be and merchants be doing right now to optimize their store for bfcm?

Unknown Speaker 29:30
Yeah, I mean, that's a great question. I mean, I think I've kind of went through some of this in a Twitter thread earlier in the year or I guess when we were at like 180 35 days away in July but um, I think a few things that I've spoke to you are obviously just make a plan right? Like it's September This is airing in September, like make a plan like now ish, or yesterday ish sermon, I think and then once you are I touched on this a little bit, but I think email lists and the health of email list is critical. So started looking into that. Now, that's obviously not outside a vow with clay vo and one one piece of advice she gave me was run engagement campaigns to inactives. But define your ad inactive as by clicks instead of opens. So just like how you're looking at your email list and your healthier list, start looking into that. This is what I find really interesting that I talked about and kind of goes back into the checkout space, conversational commerce, as it kind of ties into social commerce. So people are, make sure your DMS whether it's Instagram or Twitter, or Facebook, or tik tok, or wherever everyone's dming, like, make that a transactional area, if you can, like make it as same as if someone was on chat on your site. So one thing like for boat customers, for instance, you can create a back office link on your website and send them that link over chat. And they can check out right there in the chat via you know, a secure modal. So you can use those in social media users and dm so people want to like his DMS across social media, it shouldn't just be a place to answer questions and customer service but should actually be a sales channel. So what can you do to optimize your site or optimize my as your payment processing to allow for that, I think is critical. And I think it's something that like more is becoming more and more important. Um, if you have time, I mean, I would consider affiliate, like, what can you get going on affiliate, an affiliate program, if you want to look at like something like a reversion or something like that, get that up and running? I think affiliates critical, especially as you again, this is kind of late in the game. But as you get into gift guides and that sort of thing. If you have affiliate program, it's going to become that much more palatable to get your products out there to the publishers. Um, yeah, I mean, I think and then, of course, like just the checkout experience in general, like, if you have been tracking where people are, are dropping, like see what you can do to tweak that like maybe it's a button color, maybe it's is I don't know shipping reserved, the shipping costs hidden is that I don't know what it may be. But there are small tweaks, just look at your heat mapping, look at your recordings, see if you have them, see where people are dropping off and see what you can do to make small tweaks in the checkout process. Like Can you maybe if you if your average items per cart is pretty low, like consider adding a Checkout button directly on the product page and not making them go to the cart level. So yeah, small things are, are all doable and possible before we get into a code freeze. Which like around I don't know, Halloween ish, probably. November one.

Kelly 32:51
Yeah, come November. I usually say no more. We're only fixing bugs at this point. No new features off.

Unknown Speaker 32:57
Hands off. So yeah, I think that's pretty. I think that's what I got a good list.

Kelly 33:03
No, that's that's a really good list. All right, we're gonna do our fun question that we always ask. Towards the end of each episode, where we each choose a store that we either shopped on recently came across just thought was cool. And it's worth shouting out. Doesn't really matter if there are no rules. So what is your store shout out. I have three Hello. I love it.

Unknown Speaker 33:31
So what I've two I've shopped one I haven't yet but I'm like kind of browsing. So I love when Mac Weldon is doing on the clothing side. I think they're their stores really tight. I think the shopping experience and the customer service is amazing. I love their loyalty bit. And also just how they use their mini cart to kind of keep letting you know that if I just add one more pair of socks. I'm shipping or an additional 5% off my order or something but I think backbones do some really cool stuff. I recently came across Ridge wallet. And I love I just love their product in general I think they've just kind of really taken the wallet and just put a cool spin on it and made it modular in terms of just pieces you can add on and take off and created some you know LTV there for themselves for a company that you really if that really only well they sell more than wallets but you wouldn't expect people who buy a while to come back and kind of add pieces to the wallet which is kind of unique to them. And then hyper rice I think is just doing some really cool things. I think their flights great. I think they're just doing really some really cool stuff in for those no hyper races. It's like just recovery, recovery tools for training for running so they have some like stuff for your knees. They have like the massage guns and all that. And they've just done some really cool stuff on the marketing stuff, some really just kind of guerrilla type marketing, where, like, they have a partnership with MLB. And each club has like a hyper ice machine in the dugout. And so so like ESPN is talking to a player during the like in between innings on the live broadcast. And the players actually like using the machine the god while he's talking to ESPN and like it's just so smart. It's so good. And we're just like I said, we have a lot of soccer players, my daughter's a dancer and my wife and I, you know, try to stay pretty fit. We just have a lot of aches and pains. So

Unknown Speaker 35:46
certainly a high price is something you know, talking about by fighters Friday, Cyber Monday, high price is probably someone I'll be looking at shop this season.

Kelly 35:54
Awesome. Those are all really great ones. We'll link those in the show notes. Reena, what's your store shout out.

Rhian 36:00
Mine is days united, which is days united, calm, and they are culture boxes that help families celebrate their tradition. So we talked about matzah balls, talked about bar mitzvahs. And so one of these things, they have these Jewish culture boxes that my family subscribes to, there's a, there's Okay, there's a Jew, we have a lot of holidays. I don't, I didn't know another way to lead into that. There's a lot of Jewish holidays. And what's really cool is every year there's a new box with a new kind of tradition or new thought in it. And even though it's really targeted at younger kids, we still really like it in our house. There's like things to color. And there's things to talk about. And there's things to make. And I just I just thought it was a really cool way to kind of have tactile experiences. But I also really love that there's other cultures that are celebrated in these boxes, and there's been 1000s of these boxes sent out. So that's that's mine. Thanks. Pretty cool. It's called the DS united Comm. As you noted, I have to send that one to my mom. Yeah, it's Oh, it's really it's really fun. We do all of them. We get all eight there. There's the small pack, which is the for the main Jewish holidays, the four of them, but we get the eight packs, we get like some of the smaller holidays as well. But then we've, you know, my daughter's been like, Oh, I didn't know about this. And I'm like, same.

Kelly 37:25
So glad you learned this today.

Rhian 37:28
I'm glad you learned along together. So Kelly, What about yours?

Kelly 37:33
So whenever I have any kind of like skincare questions, I always go to Rijn, and she always has some direct to consumer brand to recommend to me, Chris time it's drunk elephants. First off, I don't know if you've visited their website before. It's just drunk elephant calm, it is beautiful. Fun. It's so interactive, the colors just pop there. I just love it. I can play on this site for a long time watching the little animations that they have and stuff like that. It's just a very unique kind of vibe they have going for the site. But what really impressed me was their unboxing experience. They had a super colorful box that matches the website. And they forgot what the box actually said it's downstairs, but inside the packaging, the same pattern that they had on the box on the interior they had on a separate sheet that you can color in yourself. And it was just so much fun. The whole thing they just got they have the whole experience from homepage to delivery just like so seamless. It also arrived really fast that always makes me happy. So highly recommend visiting at least drunk to play with.

Rhian 38:49
It's really it's been it's really great. They also have it IRL at Sephora but it started as a DTC company and that was acquired by shaido Why do I know all of this I just do and words I didn't quite get skincare I you know, I started my my retail career, I Aveda in real life. So

Kelly 39:14
in real life

Rhian 39:15
in real life in the olden days. So in last question for you, where can we find you on the internet?

Kelly 39:23
on the interwebs I'm all over the interwebs Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 39:28
so mostly I'm on the Twitter's. So, IRL, Leslie i r l e s lie on Twitter, and then posting a lot of more and more content recently to our think shop blog over on bolt calm. But yeah, that's where you can find me.

Kelly 39:48
Awesome. Amazing. Nin. Thank you so much for joining us today. I know we had a lot of back and forth to get to this point. We finally made it to the end of the recording. We did it. We did. So thanks so much for tuning in. And thanks again to our sponsors for supporting this episode. We have a YouTube channel you can visit slash Commerce Tea. If you like our podcast, please leave us a review on Apple podcasts reviews make us very happy. And actually, Spotify is now adding podcast reviews as well. I hope that otherwise they just gave away some private knowledge and if so, pretend an upset that you can subscribe to Commerce Tea on your favorite podcasting service. We post new episodes every Wednesday. So grab your mug and join us then we'll see you next week.

Rhian 40:35
Buh bye. clocked in is a time clock for Shopify. With clocked in your team members can easily clock in and out of their shifts from anywhere. You can manage your team's hours as they work remotely with an intuitive interface that can be used from desktop, tablet or mobile. Check it out at clocked or in the Shopify App Store.


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