How to engage with new customers after a sale

We’ve made it past Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and you hopefully had a successful sale over the long weekend. What do you do with all of these new customers who you’ve just acquired?

This week on the podcast we’re talking about how to form relationships with new customers who placed their first order while your products were on sale.





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show notes.

  • [08:40]Why these customers are different from everyday customers
  • [14:00] What happens when you get a discount customer
  • [17:02] Can a discount customer turn into a loyal customer?
  • [18:34] Create new audience segments for marketing
  • [19:15] Create a welcome series for all BFCM customers
    • [19:15] Educational content
    • [24:06] Customer stories
    • [24:28] Brand culture
  • [26:31] Exceed customer expectations
  • [30:51] Have a strong unboxing experience
  • [33:55] Send a thank-you note
  • [34:09] Start a loyalty program
  • [36:37] Provide fast customer service
  • Store shoutout: Ember
  • Store shoutout: Bearaby





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