We know, we know- commerce is full of acronyms. 

Here at commerce tea we are  trying to demystify the world of commerce for everyone, so here is a list of acronyms to help with the process. 


Acronym Meaning
SEO Search Engine Optimization
CRO Conversion Rate Optimization
ROI Return On Investment
ROAS Return On Advertising Spend
CAC Customer Acquisition Cost
CTA Call To Action
CX Customer Experience
UX User Experience
GA Google Analytics
AOV Average Order Value
CTR Click Through Rate
KPI Key Performance Indicator
BR Bounce Rate
SEM Search Engine Marketing
SERP Search Engine Results Page
PPC Pay Per Click
CPC Cost Per Click
CPM Cost Per Thousand Impressions
CRM Customer Relationship Management
SMM Social Media Marketing
LTV Lifetime Value
UGC User Generated Content
USP Unique Selling Proposition
3PL Third Party Logistics
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
POS Point of Sale